Get paid for all your hard work

We built our ad platform to help mobile developers like you to focus on growing the userbase and usage. PomodoroMedia ads are relevant and timely, will help you to increase your revenues, while building great apps.

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Blend your app content with ads

Ads don't need to be annoying. We believe that mobile ads should blend well with the content to be meaningful and relevant.

It starts with time, the content, the use of data. Banners or native, we'll deliver the ads targeted for your app users.

Timing is everything

Mobile ads must be timely. PomodoroMedia is not just a blazing-fast Mobile Advertising Platform which doesn't waste your app time. It also delivers time-relevant ads. In many cases the time is as imporant as location or context.


Content-Location Targeting. Intent matters

Location-based ads connect people directly to businesses around them. Intent derived from the content help us to tailor the ads for every single user.

Now you can earn ad revenue without sacrificing the app experience

Gone are the days when you had to rely on unpredictable banners, buggy SDKs and mobile ads which break your design. When we integrate PomodoroMedia ads with your app it'll become as natural as possible. Our primary goal is to help you to grow your userbase and usage. When your usage grows the monetization will grow too. We know that because we were and still are mobile developers too. The more users and the more usage your app has, the more time people spend and the more time do we have to serve ads.

We don't need to serve new ads every few seconds, the combined ad time is more imporant. It's the eyeballs and engagement which deliver the highest possible revenues. Our server-side or SDK solutions optimize the display for every user. Because every user counts.



Positive experience instead of focusing on eCPM. When ads become a natural part of the app, it drives the ARPU and user lifetime value.


Ad time

How many ad minutes do you have? Curious to know? That's your available inventory and we'll help you to monetize it all, without wasting any.



We scale with you. Want to start small, not a problem. Ready to go big, we are here for you. We work on millions of unique devices every day.



Start with server-side just to get the sense of the PomodoroMedia performance. Enhance with our SDK to get better targeting and higher revenues.


No hidden fees, no tricks, no pesky games.


We work with you, not against you.

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