Welcome to Pomodoro Media

We started Pomodoro Media with one simple goal - help mobile developers to better monetize the time users spend in their apps. Mobile apps focus on user acquisition and usage growth, which essentially converts into time. We focus on helping them to monetize that time efficiently.

Before starting Pomodoro Media we were app developers ourselves and know first hand how hard it is to focus on the app quality and user experience while trying to make money to grow the business. Along the way we got plenty of experience with mobile ads, banners and native, full screen interstitials and videos. And we believe that when your business gets to millions of users, every additional minute makes a difference, big difference.

What do we do

We deliver mobile ads for your users and content, super fast, because time matters. We help you to understand how much usage time is in your app and how much money you can make from that time.

We promise

We'll have the best possible ad content for your app content, and we will go extra mile to find it.